The study of the XIX century English literature offers original and invaluable insights into the XIX century British society. The dramatic, revolutionary changes could not pass unobserved by the great minds of the time. Thus, the XIX century work reflect the chaos and turmoil of a society trying to adjust to a new reality brought by the industrial revolution. They also show the struggle of the society trying to pave its way into a new dimension, reshaping the old cannons and adopting more liberal views. Thus, the works of the time would reflect a person's inner struggle to be part of this new society.

The course is designed for the second-year students who want to get a better understanding of the major themes and ideas that are reflected in English literature during the Victorian period. We would discover the major themes and ideas reflected in the novels of the time, As Victorian age is the age of the novel. Such novelists will be dealt with as: Charles Dickens, the Bronte's sisters, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and other. Similarly, we will look at what poetry was produced at the time. We will read poems by Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, Matthew Arnold, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.