It is vital to develop the skills of public speaking in the 21st century. Professionals should go above developing expertse in their field, they should learn how to effectively communicate their views, either to their team or to a larger audience. They should be ready to deliver powerful speeches that will make their target audience accept their viewpoint. Similarly, they should develop the ability to promptly react with the approariate reply in any situation. These skills would require from them to be emotionally intellegent, i.e. able to manage their emotions. The course The Art of Public Speaking was designed to help learners master the skills required while speaking in public or leading a team. It helps learners get a better understanding of public speaking entails, starting with the idea and getting to the elaborate process of building a powerful speech. It is important to note that public speaking is more than the delivery of a speech. It is above all the preparation to that speech that counts. The course is also intended for those who want to develop their leadership skills, who want to lead from their heart and not from hurt.